Bags Every Woman Needs in Their Closet

You must be wondering how many bags you should have given the variety of options. We think your wardrobe should contain these five fundamental bags based on various moods, must-haves, and muses. Women have different wardrobe-essentials. An eighteen-year-old may want to experiment with clutches, slings, and handbags, while a teenager may want more slings and backpacks. People who commute to work want more office bags with laptop compartments. Travelers who love to pack light should use compartmentalized bags. Women who enjoy taking their little portable world with them wherever they go adore totes. The traditional bags for women never go out of style, always enhance your comfort, are extremely useful, and are immensely fashionable. 

Why are bags your wardrobe staples?

A woman needs a variety of bags to transport her small portable world. The timeless bags for women are the ones that are always present in your wardrobe. A bag’s classic appearance, trendy vibe, and practicality are constant reminders to use it. It may be cool to have too many bags, but having bags for women that can be used in different ways is cooler.

A new strategy for living a litter-free life is to declutter and organize. There is always something in your closet that you can get rid of or don’t need. When we refer to “wardrobe staples,” we only refer to the bare minimum of necessities. This is a better strategy for affordability and sustainability.

The minimalist lifestyle and the idea of “having and buying only what you need” are fashionable, useful, and always aid in increasing clarity. The best advice is to choose a bag with color, tone, texture, and appearance that you can use with various outfits and moods.

There are numerous types of bags for women that are appropriate for a wide range of situations, including office, parties, travel, dates, meet-ups, daily errand running, leisurely walks, and busy days. 

Every woman’s closet should contain these five bags. It’s fashionable to carry a bag that has a simple aesthetic but maximizes its functionality because it makes you more comfortable and convenient. However, the bags’ practicality should never take precedence over their fashionable features. The ideal classic bags for women should combine sturdiness, usefulness, style, affordability, environmental friendliness, and space.

The ideal illustration of this is the bags from Le Petite Belle. The bags are made with vegan leather and handicraft fabric and are proudly 100 percent vegan. The bags’ appearance and feel instantly fit your mood, attire, and purpose because they are so earthy, cozy, and elegant.

Five bags that every woman should have in her closet are listed below:

1. The Wallet

You require a basic wallet to hold your cash, cards, and keys, whether going to school, college, work, or the gym. You can choose a wallet with room for your phone while running errands. You should also have a spare mask and hand sanitizer for the current situation. You might be rushing because you need to pick up your kids from school, go to the most anticipated date, or go to a friend’s house nearby. You need a wallet that is strong, stylish, and useful. Our recommendation would be the FloMotif Chain Wallet.

2. For parties & cocktails

Be it cocktail or home parties, pizza parties on the patio, or gossip parties at your best friend’s house, you need a chic, roomy clutch that complements your carefree attitude and cheerful outfit. You can party with the Classic Zipper Wallet with Royal Indian Peacock Motif.

3. The “carry-all.”

The Mughal Garden Print Tote Bag has a water-resistant lining to shield your valuables from liquid spills and erratic rain. Carry your necessities and anything else you might need. You can separate, organize, and safely store your belongings with the help of various compartments. There are many different handbag styles, but a tote will always be your go-to companion due to its practicality, enormous capacity, and versatility.

4. A traveling bag

Women who enjoy traveling—whether on weekend getaways, quick trips, excursions, treks, or lengthy vacations—should consider the Mughal Art Multicolor Structured Shoulder Bag. You must have your phone, money, credit card, papers, receipts, tickets, hand sanitizer, lip balm, and eye mask all in one location.

5. A bag for everyone

Numerous blogs discuss the “types of bags every girl should have,” but if you ask us, you should only have one bag that you can use everywhere. That bag shouldn’t be excessively large or heavy. It might be a strong, light bag that won’t give you shoulder or back pain. Yes! You probably have a lot of different bag types in mind, but we’re talking about the Space Chakra Handbag. It is incredibly practical, incredibly stylish, and eternally elegant. This eco-friendly, cruelty-free handbag is made of vegan leather and helps preserve the environment.

All the bags from Le Petite Belle have a chic exterior and crafted interior that radiates a unique vibe. We understand your busy schedule, day outs, dine-outs, dates, etc., and want you always to look good, be comfortable, and never forget to carry your everyday essentials. With the vast collection from Le Petite Belle, you can choose the type of bag you can rely on and relax with. 

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