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Reviews | Le Petite Belle


Rated 4 out of 5
July 28, 2022




Rated 5 out of 5
July 28, 2022

The great product


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Review for NEO CLUTCH

I loved this.

Review for NEO CLUTCH

Best Product ever

Review for PhilipImamb
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Review for 5th Ave
Extremely Eligant

When i first saw this purse I fell in love with it. The material is exquisite and soft. It is very elegant and you feel like a very classy lady wearing this purse. Very well made. I am extremely happy with this purse.

Review for The Luciana
Stylish Black purse

This purse was created for me and I love it. It is the perfect side, the top clasp is because I forget to zip my purses closed. Every where I go I get a lot of compliments. The material is soft and dutiable. I love this purse and am so glad I have it.

Review for Donaldves
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Review for Ernietaugh
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  1. Chava W. (store manager)

    Good product

    EDT (Everyday Tote)EDT (Everyday Tote)

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  2. Andrea A.

    Have been using two leather clutches they are amazing quality a must buy, value for money.The owner was good to deal with, its available in various colours for selections.

    Neo ClutchNeo Clutch

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    Image #1 from Andrea Anderson
    Image #2 from Andrea Anderson

The purses and handbags from Le Petite Belle are truly fantastic. It looks great and works exceptionally well to fulfill my needs. The large main compartment has a high-quality zipper that ensures that various items stay put. I use it to keep my wallet, phone, and keys, and it keeps them separate and handy yet secure.

Linda M.

Le Petite Belle's custom-made handbags are probably one of the best I have purchased in a very long time. They have excellent construction, and they hold everything you may need. They are neither too big nor too small and are a must-buy for everyone. You can keep almost every daily essential in their well-placed, deep pockets.

Marlene G.

I have to say, the quality of these hand-crafted handmade bags is superb. Every stitch line is straight and secure, and there are no loose threads, either. There's a pretty cloth lining inside. Le Petite Belle obviously takes lots of pride in their work. It feels great to buy such an outstanding product custom-made according to the customer.

Eliza B.

I've had my custom bag for almost two months now, and I love it! I take my bag for all my travels and daily use, and it's still in perfect condition. The materials used in this handbag are of quality and very scratch resistant. Everything about the bag speaks quality. I sent them a specific list of customizations I wanted, and they delivered.

Georgina W.

Le Petite Belle makes some of the most amazing handbags. Period. I have been ordering from them for a very long time, and the quality and design of their handbags cannot be surpassed. You won't find a customizable bag handmade with high design anywhere else, online or offline. Thank you, Le Petite Belle, for this amazing bag.

Regina G.

I ordered a custom handbag from Le Petite Belle, and they honored all those requests with no issues. The final product is a gorgeous black body bag with a red racing stripe down the middle on both sides. It is outlined by thin black and white stripes of leather and has a nice handle. I love this bag and have never had a better one!

Ness C.

Gina Lasseigne, when I asked Carrie Atkinson to get with you to secretly order a green plaid purse as a last-minute Christmas present for Lezlie, I really thought I’d waited too late. So I was thrilled when you not only came thru by Christmas but did so with a purse and matching pouch that was exquisite! The look on Lezlie’s face when she opened this gift was priceless! Thank you soooo much! much! ~ Jim

Jim Lezlie Atkinson